Canadian business owners and financial managers don’t find waiting productive. So why should you have to wait to finance (in effect it’s a factoring or discounting) your SR ED claim. You shouldn’t have to and we will show you how.

To be able to finance a SR ED claim you of course have to have a SR ED; claim. That makes common sense. Canadian business owners know when they have a significant investment in their research and development and commercialization projects. That is more than intuitive, because they are spending real dollars, often considerable sums, to maintain their competitive edge in products, services, and processes. That’s of course why your firm should be finalizing a claim and filing it as soon as you can in conjunction with your fiscal year end. Naturally once you have filed the claim you can wait anywhere from 3- 12 months for the refund chq to arrive from Toronto or your provincial component from your provinces capital city.

Do you have to wait to recover those funds? Of course you can if you choose, but your claim is financeable if you seek out and talk to a trusted, credible expert in this area. Why not finance your claim, recover those funds now, and continue your investment in leading edge research den processes to maintain your competitive stance within your industry and product or service sector?

So what are the basics of financing that claim . Let’s review them in detail and ensure you have the under pinnings of a successful SR ED financing strategy.

As we mentioned you have to have filed your claim to begin financing it. In our experience the whole process, we tell our clients, takes two to three weeks if your full co operation is provided. Naturally if timing is important you could start the process a little in advance of filing your claim. Any Sr Ed calim can be financed, but those that are prepared by competent parties are in effect ‘more financeable ‘as they have a credibility and experience factor attached to them.

Does your own firm’s financial status play a part in the financing of your SR ED? We can say with assurance that 90% of the SR ED financing questions rely very specifically on using the SR ED as collateral for the financing. But naturally your firm has to be able to demonstrate some sense of on going viability with respect to sales prospects, etc. However lets be honest, many firms are using SR ED tax credits because they are in growth or start up mode, so that should not deter you from contemplating and discussing the financing of your SR ED .

A normal SR ED financing application includes the usual business info data you would submit with any business financing – i.e. info on your firm, its financials, info on the owners, etc. Loans or advances against your claim are generally made at 70% loan to value; in effect you immediately receive 70% of the total amount of your SR ED tax credit calim. The balance is remitte3d to yourself, less financing fees, when you calim is approved and funded in Ottawa.

A proper SR ED financing is structured so that you won’t make any payments while you wait, so it’s a pure cash flow and working capital strategy.

In summary, utilize your tax credits to recover significant portions of all your R D; expenses if you are a privately owned Canadian company. Ensure you consider a SR ED financing strategy if you wish to accelerate SR ED spending or simply use the funds for any general worthwhile purpose. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced SR ED financing advisor to structure a calim that makes maximum financial sense for your firm.

SR ED Financing – Factoring Your Sr Ed for Working Capital in Canada
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