Morgan’s Wonderland, located in San Antonio Texas, is very unique. It is the first accessible fun park designed especially for special needs kids of all ages. The 25 acre amusement facility allows families to learn and play together in a safe environment … where everyone can have fun, regardless of his or her disability!

It all started with Gordon Hartman as he observed his special needs daughter attempting to interact with other children at a hotel swimming pool. Unfortunately, Morgan and the other kids were unsuccessful that day. But, it was that interaction that gave Hartman the idea to build a 100% accessible family fun park. Today, his dream is a reality.

Morgan’s Wonderland – Packed With Things for Kids to Do

Morgan’s Wonderland is unlike any other fun park, on the planet. Activities are varied and include the following:

  • Catch and release fishing on an 8 acre lake (with fishing pier)
  • Carousel
  • Race track with adaptive go-carts
  • Music garden
  • 17,000 square foot gymnasium (for volleyball, basketball and tennis)
  • Remote controlled boats
  • Themed sensory village
  • Water play area … and much more

Every attraction at Morgan’s Wonderland is completely accessible. For example, the Sand Circle™ features a huge raised sand table and sand diggers that make it easy for everyone to join the fun. Multiple playscapes have ramps, interactive equipment and custom designed swings.

Safety Features at Morgan’s Wonderland – Child Safety Gates and More

Safety is paramount at Morgan’s Wonderland. The park uses controlled access at all entry and exit points. Think of this technology as series of large child safety gates. There is also security fencing around the entire perimeter of the park and the lake, as well.

Another excellent safety feature is the park’s utilization of RFID (radio frequency identification) wristbands and touch screen monitors. These locator bands track the whereabouts of special needs guests at all times. This helps to ensure that other family members enjoy their day to the fullest.

There are 18 restrooms, located throughout the park. This includes several family restrooms and a restroom equipped with a shower and clean-up area. All are ADA compliant and designed with privacy and convenience in mind.

There are also 2 first aid stations located within Morgan’s Wonderland.

Free Admission for All Special Needs Kids (ages 1 to 101)

All special needs kids receive free admission into Morgan’s Wonderland. Other guests pay a nominal fee, for the price of their tickets.

Reservations are required to gain entrance into the park. This “limited attendance policy”, of sorts, has been put into place to ensure that everyone has the safest, most enjoyable, day possible.

Parking is free. Service animals are allowed into the park. Guests are permitted to bring coolers into the park, as well.

Because of Morgan and her Wonderland, kids with special needs now have a unique place to call their own… a place to learn and play without fear of being different. What could be better than that?

Morgan’s Wonderland is Open for Business: Will it Top the List of Best Amusement Parks for Special Needs Kids?

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