How to Sell on eBay for the Beginning Seller: Start Selling on eBay – Tips for Beginners

New to eBay? Start learning how to sell on eBay by reading these easy tips. A beginning seller who follows these simple rules will have a better chance at running a successful eBay business.

Selling on eBay is Not Like a Garage Sale: How to Title eBay Auction Listings

eBay buyers don’t find items based on how they look, or how good quality they are, but by how many desirable keywords are associated with them. This makes it a bad site for selling handicrafts, unless the name or brand of the artist is well-known, but a good site for selling brand-name objects such as electronics, vintage goods, and fashion clothing.

When selecting items to sell on eBay, choose items that can be offered with a brand name or hot keyword. An addendum to this: never put up fake keywords – never fill an eBay ad with decoys like “Store-brand sneakers, just like Nike.” Ads like this will frustrate buyers who are looking for real Nikes, buyers who will not buy the no-brand shoes – or who might buy by accident and then leave a negative feedback. Also, they’re not allowed on eBay, and the management may take them down or even ban the account of a seller who tries these kinds of devious tricks.

Buyers don’t look with their eyes, but with the search engine. Bad titles for eBay auction listings might be phrases like, “Lots of new shirts for men and women”, or “A great science fiction movie.”

A better way to post the same auction listings would be to split the men’s and women’s shirts into, for example, “Five GUESS Women’s Shirts, XL, NEW” and a similar listing for the men’s, and to post the title, year and actors of the science fiction movie and what kind of recording it is: “ALIEN, 1979, Sigourney Weaver, new DVD.”

Refining Keywords and Setting Prices to Improve eBay Sales

What buyers do want is accuracy and the ability to find the items they love. Brand name, model name, model number and condition are all often among search keywords. Do some searches on the site to find similar items for sale; see what their prices and keywords look like.

For example, “Canon Camera” is vague, but “4.0 Megapixel Canon Powershot A430 4X Optical Zoom” is a listing title that will come up in searches from people who want this particular camera. If it’s new, posting “NEW” in the title will also affect results. Never post used items as new; that’s a way to get negative feedback, which will drive down sales.

Using capital letters to emphasize some of the words in the title can get eBay auctions noticed, but descriptions should be detailed, clear and in normal writing.

If there are others with the same item, look and see whether their auctions have any bids! Some sellers make the mistake of pricing items too high to sell. Set a price that is reasonable based on the Internet market value. Used goods won’t usually sell at the new price. Make sure the item will stand out to potential buyers.

Post Clear Pictures of All Items

On the topic of cameras, a good camera and photo lights are very important for eBay sellers to have. Badly taken or unclear photos will lose sales for even the best auction listings. When the item is a new book or movie, manufacturer photos are sometimes available. Otherwise, take a steady picture in bright light, and clean up background noise without altering the appearance of the item.

How Important is Feedback on eBay?

Feedback is very important, especially to the small seller. Ratings will show up as percentages, which means that small sellers will need every feedback to be positive in order to keep business up.

As such, make sure all listings are honest. If the item comes from a home with smoking indoors or pet damage, this needs to be said up front. Sell non-working electronics for parts only. Never list an item under the name of a similar item, and always mention every important detail.

How to Sell on eBay for the Beginning Seller: Start Selling on eBay – Tips for Beginners

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