How to Sell on eBay for the Beginning Seller: Start Selling on eBay – Tips for Beginners

How to Sell on eBay for the Beginning Seller: Start Selling on eBay – Tips for Beginners

New to eBay? Start learning how to sell on eBay by reading these easy tips. A beginning seller who follows these simple rules will have a better chance at running a successful eBay business.

Selling on eBay is Not Like a Garage Sale: How to Title eBay Auction Listings

eBay buyers don’t find items based on how they look, or how good quality they are, but by how many desirable keywords are associated with them. This makes it a bad site for selling handicrafts, unless the name or brand of the artist is well-known, but a good site for selling brand-name objects such as electronics, vintage goods, and fashion clothing.

When selecting items to sell on eBay, choose items that can be offered with a brand name or hot keyword. An addendum to this: never put up fake keywords – never fill an eBay ad with decoys like “Store-brand sneakers, just like Nike.” Ads like this will frustrate buyers who are looking for real Nikes, buyers who will not buy the no-brand shoes – or who might buy by accident and then leave a negative feedback. Also, they’re not allowed on eBay, and the management may take them down or even ban the account of a seller who tries these kinds of devious tricks.

Buyers don’t look with their eyes, but with the search engine. Bad titles for eBay auction listings might be phrases like, “Lots of new shirts for men and women”, or “A great science fiction movie.”

A better way to post the same auction listings would be to split the men’s and women’s shirts into, for example, “Five GUESS Women’s Shirts, XL, NEW” and a similar listing for the men’s, and to post the title, year and actors of the science fiction movie and what kind of recording it is: “ALIEN, 1979, Sigourney Weaver, new DVD.”

Refining Keywords and Setting Prices to Improve eBay Sales

What buyers do want is accuracy and the ability to find the items they love. Brand name, model name, model number and condition are all often among search keywords. Do some searches on the site to find similar items for sale; see what their prices and keywords look like.

For example, “Canon Camera” is vague, but “4.0 Megapixel Canon Powershot A430 4X Optical Zoom” is a listing title that will come up in searches from people who want this particular camera. If it’s new, posting “NEW” in the title will also affect results. Never post used items as new; that’s a way to get negative feedback, which will drive down sales.

Using capital letters to emphasize some of the words in the title can get eBay auctions noticed, but descriptions should be detailed, clear and in normal writing.

If there are others with the same item, look and see whether their auctions have any bids! Some sellers make the mistake of pricing items too high to sell. Set a price that is reasonable based on the Internet market value. Used goods won’t usually sell at the new price. Make sure the item will stand out to potential buyers.

Post Clear Pictures of All Items

On the topic of cameras, a good camera and photo lights are very important for eBay sellers to have. Badly taken or unclear photos will lose sales for even the best auction listings. When the item is a new book or movie, manufacturer photos are sometimes available. Otherwise, take a steady picture in bright light, and clean up background noise without altering the appearance of the item.

How Important is Feedback on eBay?

Feedback is very important, especially to the small seller. Ratings will show up as percentages, which means that small sellers will need every feedback to be positive in order to keep business up.

As such, make sure all listings are honest. If the item comes from a home with smoking indoors or pet damage, this needs to be said up front. Sell non-working electronics for parts only. Never list an item under the name of a similar item, and always mention every important detail.

How to Write the ‘What Could Go Wrong?’ Section in a Business Plan

A potential entrepreneur is facing a banker or group of investors who might fund his idea. He has just presented his best pitch to secure the funds he needs. Then, they ask the obvious question, “Sounds good, but…what could go wrong in your plan?” Unless he has a well thought out answer to this question, an embarrassing silence may be his initial response.

The point that needs to be made is that the plan might be stellar and the business should, in all probability, deliver terrific returns, but Murphy’s Law is always in play. Not anticipating those potential problems and providing solutions, sends a signal to the investors that the prospective business person may be unprepared. Therefore, he must raises those issues before the investors do and realistically provide cogent solutions to anticipate and stifle any doubts.

Why Bring up Problems to an Investor?

The answer is quite obvious. If the entrepreneur doesn’t bring up potential problems, most certainly the investors will. And if they don’t, they will most certainly be thinking about them. To place this in perspective, investors are interested in three things:

Not losing their Investment

The hope that their investment in this opportunity will earn high returns

Being assured that the management team is honest, very competent and can handle any unforeseen (and unpleasant) situations.

How and Where to Present these Issues in a Business Plan

There should be a section near the end of the business plan which could be entitled, “Potential Issues and Solutions Affecting the Business Model.” In this section, one must present all of the potential problems that might arise adversely affecting returns or the viability of the business model itself. This must be realistic and is obviously a serious to any investor. Anticipating potential problems in a sober, business like manner signals to the investor(s) that such issues have been anticipated and addressed.

Obviously, someone that is seeking funding shouldn’t go over board and present every scenario, including those that are relatively unlikely to happen, that might damage the business. Obviously this is counterproductive. Further the proposed business should have some key competitive advantage over competition. Keep in mind, one should present reasonable issues and solutions. After all, prior to deciding to enter this business opportunity, the business person should have evaluated the business in light of problems and business conditions that might arise.

Typical Issues that Might Affect Corporate Profitability and Demand

The following are a few areas that might generally apply:

  1. Changes in economic conditions negatively effecting product demand or the market in general
  2. Changes in government regulations/laws or local ordinances or the income tax code
  3. Technological advancements adversely affecting the demand for the product
  4. Safety issues regarding the product’s materials or its use
  5. Newer, better marketing strategies: use of Twitter, Google, blogs, website
  6. Material cost increases,e.g. import materials cost, foreign regulations, etc

While a few more issues can be added to the list, this approach should address the demand for the product, realistic gross margins that can withstand the onslaught of changes within the market or safety regulations and anything else that can be realistically added. Check with the SBA for more information and resources.

Playing Devil’s Advocate

Obviously, the approach is to explain any adverse situation in a way that is even handed and realistic. Simply put, the business owner anticipates and obviates such roadblocks in a legitimate manner and deflates some of the negative emotion associated with the potential loss that an investor anticipates. This does not mean that the case against the potential funding of the entrepreneur’s business is so strong that he has has lobbied himself out of the opportunity. Rather, this approach means that the business person has prudently assessed the situation and has realistic approaches to counteract problems, if the situation in the business deteriorates

Prevent Fraud on Your Yahoo Store

Yahoo stores are becoming more and more popular with entrepreneurs wanting to expand their businesses online. Yahoo stores offer safe and private transactions with minimal risk to the customers and business owners. Although the risk is low there are still crimes being committed on the internet. The leading internet crime in America is identity theft and many Americans have fallen victim to internet hackers stealing their credit card numbers and social security numbers to rack up fraudulent charges unfortunately banks will not protect you against internet fraud because of the MOTO Rule. The MOTO Rule states that all website owners are responsible and 100% liable for fraudulent charges to a credit card. When starting up your online business you need to be fully prepared to research each sale to assure that your company is not being scammed. Here are some tips to remember when processing your orders to properly spot a scam artist.

Request two numbers from the customer to have a primary and back up number to call in case of any questions. If the order seems a little suspicious you can always call the customer to verify their information. If you come across a suspicious order and call them, ask questions. Make them verify their billing address, the name on the credit card and the phone number. If the customer can not verify the billing address there is a pretty high possibility that this is a criminal and does not possess the correct information for this card, just the stolen card number. Always make sure that the customer’s shipping address matches the customer’s home address. If the addresses don’t match you should do a little more to research this order to assure that the order is not fraudulent. One of the best ways to catch fraud is by suspicious billing addresses like 123 Southwest Road. When the billing address is different than the shipping address it is often someone buying a gift and having it shipped to their house but another reason may be that the criminal wants the product shipped to their “drop spot” and not to the stolen card owner’s home.

You can also deter criminals from potentially scamming your store by posting notices and pictures on your home page to inform customers and criminals that fraudulent activity will not be tolerated. Let them know that if they try to scam your company that you will press charges to the full extent of the law. Public displayed notices against fraudulent activity will warn off criminals that are trying to look for the easy money and attract customers who want to feel safer knowing that the store they are purchasing their products from and submitting personal information to will do everything in your power to prevent someone from stealing their identity.

Another sign of fraudulent activity is a buyer that demands overnight delivery of his items to his shipping address. Since the scam artist isn’t paying for the shipping he will not be concerned with how much it is going to cost to ship but instead getting the item fast before the stolen credit card owner realizes that their credit card is stolen and cancels the credit card. They will want to get it in a hurry. If someone places an expensive order and requests for the item to be dropped off at the front door of their home, be suspicious that a thief may be using this address as their “Drop Spot”. If an order is for a high priced item, always request that it be signed for.

Not every customer is a potential criminal so if you come across suspicious orders through your yahoo store don’t start pushing them away until you know for sure that they are intending to be dishonest to you and your customers. Do the proper research and your new business venture will be worth your while. If by chance you do come across a fraudulent order and catch it the Yahoo Store will make sure that the scam artist will never return with their IP address blocking tools.

Tips to Keep Your Finances Intact After a Hurricane

Your house may not be the only thing left in shambles after the hurricane. In many instances, a hurricane leaves behind more damage to the recovery process than the actual structure destruction. Your finances can also end up awry if you didn’t have plans for them.

The tips below will help you prepare now and save you the added grief that can come from the aftermath of destruction.

Insurance: How well do you know your homeowners insurance policy? Do you know your deductible and what’s actually covered and what’s not? Be familiar with your homeowners policy and make sure your house is covered at it’s worth – especially with today’s fluctuating housing market.

Additional Insurance: If your house is located in an area susceptible to flooding, ask your agent to help you obtain a separate flood policy, which is issued only by the federal government. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, protect your house with extra

insurance that will cover losses in the event that a shaker causes damages.

Household Inventory: Your personal belongings such as jewelry, furniture and antiques should be documented and kept in a safe place. Photograph or video these items and list their worth.

Organize Important Papers: Keeping papers together are as important as the papers themselves. After a disaster you will want access to documents such as insurance policies and birth certificates. Making extra copies of these types of papers and keeping them at a

relatives’ house is one way to keep them safe. Another way to protect your papers is to put them in a safe deposit box at a bank – but not a local one should a disaster to your home affect the nearby bank as well.

Stash Some Cash: Plan for your cash as you would with your important papers because a disaster aftermath can cause power outages that can result in ATM’s being out of order and some banks being closed.

Call Your Creditors: Credit card companies need to be contacted right away after a disaster hits so they will be aware of how you have been affected. Ask your creditors if you are eligible for any type of deferral of your monthly payments. Also request that any automatic withdrawals be cancelled.

Preparing now is the best prevention for any added stress and turmoil in the event a catastrophe strikes your home. Don’t let your personal finances fall prey to Mother Nature: you are in control.

Learning from the Madoff Ponzi Scheme Scam

The Bernie Madoff Scam is breathtaking in terms of the size of the scam which is anywhere between 17 and 50 billion dollars. This kind of money only can come from some of the most sophisticated investors or people who should be a lot more sophisticated. The stats printed in the Wall street journal showing some of the major investors in the scam , printed on 12-17-2008, is the best illustration of main lesson to be learned : that a lot of bankers and investment advisers do not have a clue about what they are doing with other people’s money. Here are some of the names and the sums invested with Madoff and associates:

Fairfied Greenwich Advisors……………….$7.50 billion

Tremont Capital Management …………..$3.3 billion

Banco Santander, SA (spain)……………..$2.87 billion

Asccot Partners ……………………………………$1.8 billion

Fortis Bank, (dutch)—————————-$1.35 billion

HBSC (British bank)……………………………..$1 billion

…and these are just some of the big investors with over 1 billion dollars in the scam. Blaming the con artist’s victims does not seem very fair but these major financial players should have been able to get reasonable returns on the money they run without seeking out a specialty shop like Madoff. It looks like the blind leading the blind into a welcoming wolf den. The Wall street Journal lists more than 35 separate victims many of them banks and advisory companies. It is one thing to see flake Hollywood actors taken by con artists but these were in many cases major banks and insurance companies . The lesson for people and institutions with money for investment purposes might be to spend more time doing more of the work themselves instead of entrusting that work to others. Looking at the thousands of investment choices one can see why people’s eyes glaze over. It really looks more complicated than it is. The sorry facts are that out of thousands of companies only a few are going to prove to be worthwhile long term investments. It is possible to screen away most of the suspect poor choices the problem with that for most inspiring investors is that it immediately lowers yield. High yield seems to justify greater risk. Much better than average yields tends to justify being stupid with one’s money. But why were banks falling for the scam? Once again I am ready to blame the MBA crowd. I met too many in MBA majors in College who were in graduate school and all told me that they were there in school to get their ticket to success and not much more. As a fool trying to actually learn something in college , I never understood the fast ticket degrees until now.

It is true that Bernie Madoff is a rather exceptional con artist. His scam would be alive and well for another hundred years or more had the stock market not taken the dive it did in the international stock crash. The reason why he could continue getting away with it is his institutional investors only want to take out the interest and leave in the principal to continue compounding higher yields. Bernie may be one of the smarter ponzi scheme operators who ever lived so it is possible to give some of the big banks involved a little more sympathy but not much. The question is why did Bernie finally go and tell his sons he was running a complete confabulation fantasy investment house? Apparently he did when his investors started asking to get principle back because of the economic crash. Banks might have been calling their money back because their own clients were asking to cash out. Sophisticated investors might have been cashing out to take money from assets that have not declined in value to put into investments selling at absurd panic driven discounts. One example of how this works is a portfolio manager having walmart shares in the portfolio and seeing that those shares are more than they were before the crash they select those to sell to buy up other quality assets selling at less than half price when those prices are still available. Had the call for principle never come and had underlying assets in Bernie’s fund not declined with the rest of the market he might have been able to make good and continue the scam running up a much larger number of clients over time to make it a trillion dollar ponzi scheme. The collapse of Madoff Associates probably saved a lot more innocent investors of the future as a result of collapsing now and not later.

The same day the Wall Street Journal published the stats cited above they showed their sense of humor in an opinion piece called “Put Madoff in Charge of Social Security.” This is insightful because of the way our government is runs the social security program there is no principle to back up dividend/ interest payments. The Bush administration was right to try to back up some social security accounts with private asset/ equity holdings as an alternative but all knowing political forces like the AARP were completely against the Bush Plan and now look at the collapsed stock market as proof positive they were right- but actually had the social security accounts bought up more securities with an end of the year requirement to buy more for 2008 it is uncertain that it would necessarily have been a disaster or even a long term disaster since the average participant would just be younger and putting more of their current taxes into those funds and not the older already vested ones. So AARP is more of Madoff than they realize or at least an adviser telling people to trust the government.

The author of this noted that Bernie Madoff , himself, advised the FBI agents that he was running a ponzi scheme and was proud to tell them he grew it into a 50 billion dollar pyramid in a bragging tone. Anyone who thinks that Bernie just got in above his head is fooling themselves. When a sociopath is caught doing one thing wrong you can bet there is a lot more bad stuff that is not yet discovered yet.

Another Wall Street Journal article , the same day, is “Pyramid Schemes are as American as Apple Pie.” This is a ponzi country. If you don’t like it move somewhere else but leave your tax liability here because congress wants the people who stay here to have a bigger government to take care of them.

The moral of the story maybe that when a bank is collecting fees on your money steering those funds special boutique investment shop that get better than market rates, be a little concerned and if you want someone you don’t know to take care of you move to a place like Cuba where there is no competition in advertising for those services.

Vladimir Lenin’s Imperialism

Vladimir Lenin said that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism. Lenin saw the small privately owned businesses Karl Marx talked about being replaced with large corporations, sometimes even market dominating corporations. Capitalist societies around the world became laden with these large corporations and monopolies of large corporations. These corporations and monopolies became global and they needed the power and support of the state i.e. the military to look after their interests. It increasingly became necessary for the most powerful of countries to protect their interests through strengthening their military forces.

The strength displayed by these countries militaries depended on their economic development and so the two institutions became dependant upon each other. Countries would send out their militaries in order to take over other countries and thus gain their lands and their wealth. This, in effect caused nations to compete with each other over the lands, resources and wealth of the world. At the beginning of all of this, “lands” were still being discovered, and after they were all accounted for and owned there could only be a re-partitioning of territories. This whole process leads to political and military competition. This competition results in war. Vladimir Lenin said that this process was imperialism. Lenin further believed that this building of empires and the clash between the most powerful nations brings the whole world into a war.

The above explanation displays just exactly what Vladimir Lenin’s view of imperialism had to do with World War I. Lenin was watching all of these monstrous things happen in the world around him. The United States, Germany, France, Britain, Japan and other nations were all fighting over the world’s lands, resources, and wealth. He watched as the majority of the people all over the world suffered as a direct affect of the war efforts and of course, the damage of the war.

The ever increasing rate of industrial capital created the need for finance capital, according to Lenin. Finance capital is very basically the phenomenon of wealth generating wealth. A good example of this is the interest on a loan one takes out from another entity. The loan holder makes a profit, finance capital, by charging you a small fee, interest, on the loan. Vladimir Lenin believed that this was to be the future of business in the world. He thought that finance capital would be the next stage after monopoly capitalism.

I must say, living in today’s society, Vladimir Lenin had the right idea about the progression of a capitalistic system. Everywhere I look there are advertisements for banks and all of their services, credit cards, department store reward cards and so on and so forth. We are seeing his predictions about the change in capitalism having come to full maturity. I have managed by some miracle to not have a credit card or to have taken out any loans for anything outside of my education. I can not imagine a future further down the line of capitalism, other then the socializing of more and more of our society.

Forex Trading for a Better Life

All of us have been made aware of the recession’s impact in our everyday lives, which includes its impact on out finances and health. It is quite easy to see that during the last few weeks, it has been like a never-ending set of tough circumstances that will really test the mettle of any person. As we bore witness to our cash devaluate into something so little (which was already that hard to accept), we also had to experience other struggles on top of it. There was also the threat of being laid off from our jobs, as numerous companies were suddenly forced to slash their payroll in hopes of just making it through the recession, or else face closure. So, to say that these recent events would be a huge challenge would be a very big understatement. Still, all hope is not lost, and we still have ways to get through this recession in one piece.

Having said that, then, just what are those opportunities that we can take on?

There is this thing called forex trading, which is a wonderful opportunity for people who want to make a little extra money without having to take a second job. This is basically done through the exchanging of currencies and correctly predicting whether their values are likely to go up or down. So, this method certainly pays off for those people who are able to obtain good information about current news events, while there are also those who use a dedicated forex trading system to streamline their tasks. Forex trading’s concept is quite simple to understand, which means that those interested will likely be able to get the point in a matter of days.

Still, though, even if it can be simple to understand, it would be wrong to think that forex trading will provide rewards just like that without much practice. Sure, its premise is indeed very basic, but executing it without proper prior knowledge can really be bad news. So, it is definitely smart to first learn the ins and outs of the foreign exchange trading market, so as to not be overwhelmed when you do take the plunge.

So, instead of letting the recession shake you to your very core, do yourself a favor and just start mapping out a plan that will get you through the recession. As you have seen, there are plenty of ways to do so, so the rest is simply up to you.

Ways to Finance Your Startup Business with Little or No Money

There are so many future entrepreneurs who need to raise money to start their businesses, but they have realized that finding that startup capital is not easy, especially in these hard economic times.

When you are a true entrepreneur with that strong entrepreneurial mindset, you do not want to wait for the economy to improve or for things to get better financially for you before you start out on your business. You want to start now! Here are some tips for starting your business with little to no money.

First, you can find a silent business partner who is willing to invest in you and in your idea. You should have a strong network of people that you associate with if you are an aspiring entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs understand the value of networking. So tap into this network and find a former business associate, an old classmate, a friend of a friend who is willing to support you financially

If you have a solid plan of action, have already taken some action towards building your business, a strong enthusiasm and proof that you have already invested in your own business using your personal resources, you are likely to find someone who is willing to partner with you. Be patient with this however. You want to make sure that you choose the right person.

Next, you can always go to your relatives and offer them interest on a private business loan. This is a good idea because you can get a much lower interest rate when borrowing from a relative in most cases. Make sure that you treat this situation with the same level of seriousness that you would if you were borrowing the money from a bank. This will make your relative feel more at ease about lending you the money.

Put together a contract and sign it. Treat this as a real business transaction. Don’t take your relative for granted just because you know they have extra cash. Make sure you outline in your contract exactly how and when you intend to repay your relative. If you approach this situation in a professional manner, you are likely to get a loan from a family member with some extra cash to lend.

Finally, do you have anything of value that you can sell for money? Are you driving an expensive car that you can sell for a cheaper yet reliable vehicle? Are you willing to take public transportation? Is it possible to find a roommate or to move back in with your parents while you are growing your business?

Starting a business takes sacrifice. Any real entrepreneur will tell you that! If you are truly serious about your business, you will understand that life will not always be comfortable for you during the start up stage.

Regardless of this fact, you should be willing to give up material items, downgrade your car, move to a smaller apartment, whatever it takes. Ask yourself right now, how much are you willing to give up to start your business?

So there you have it. These are some good tips for getting the money to start your business fairly quickly. Being an entrepreneur means operating from a mindset that is very different from that of the average individual. So be creative and discover some additional ways to come up with capital to get your business started. If you have a solid plan and a no quit attitude, you know that all of the sacrifices you make now will be very well worth it.

Penn State Scholarships

Any student finds attending college a very costly investment. College education is very important, no doubt, but arranging for finances becomes very overwhelming for students. Penn state offers Penn state scholarships like any other universities. There are other financial assistances available through this university and depending on the student, his ability and financial condition, the option is determined. Scholarships are performance based while other financial aids are need based. Where loan have to be repaid, there are financial aids like scholarships, fellowships, grants and assistantships that are free and need not be repaid.

In order to be eligible to apply for this scholarship, you have to fill out the FAFSA form. There are different types of federal programs that are there to help students and encourage them to carry on their studies and accomplish their educational goals. If you are a student studying in Penn State University, you can avail lots of opportunities that are available for its students. Apart from the university as the sponsor, there are government and non-government agencies that sponsor different types of scholarships for students in different educational fields.

Penn state scholarships include athletic scholarships and departmental scholarships also. Departments differ on points of requirements and application procedure. Some of the most popular scholarship programs are trustee scholarship program, renaissance scholarship program, donor scholarship program, Bunton-Waller scholarship and Bunton-Waller Fellows program. If you are facing any kind of financial problem, you need to find one of the scholarship programs that fit in your criteria. You can contact the financial aid office of your college and find out the details regarding all scholarships and select the one for which you qualify.

Many scholarship programs take up the students of Penn States immediately as they qualify. The award money will differ from one scholarship program to another. Once you select the program, you can find out the award money and other facilities that you can get if you win the scholarship money. Penn state scholarships are not difficult to achieve. You simply need to have a specific GPA and have a financial problem that has a genuine reason.



When we talk about student, a lot of things come in mind. Students are not only associated with studies today, they have to arrange and manage their finances also. This is the reason why students are offered a number of forms of financial aids. The form of financial aid that the student applies depends on the student and the field of education that he acquires. There are free financial aids like scholarships and grants that can be attained by following a particular application procedure and fulfilling the requirements set for that particular scholarship or grants.

There are student loans that are easy to get and the student has to repay the amount with added interest and other charges levied on the loan amount. However, if you apply and win scholarship or grants money, you do not have to repay it. Although the application procedure is a bit complicated and confusing for some students, it is worth the benefits you get. Students who want to apply for scholarships need to maintain their GPA as asked by the sponsor and have some or the other additional qualifications. He should also show his interest towards serving the community in one form or another.

If you are a student and you are facing financial crisis, you need not worry about the accomplishment of your studies. Apply for some financial aids for which you qualify and that fits in your requirements. There are various financial aid programs and you need to spend some time and find out the one that is the most suitable one for you. There are different types of scholarships, grants, work-study programs and loans that you can look for.

Today, Internet is the best resource to look for anything and here you will also be able to collect all information regarding the sponsor and foundation. There are scholarships and grants that provide sufficient money to the student and if the student is able to manage it properly, he can even pay the accommodation and food expenses with it. Apart from performance based, there are need-based scholarships and grants that a student can apply and win.